Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Lil' Mo is proving that she is more then just a singer & reality tv star but that she is a brand & she knows exactly how to remain relevant & capitalize off of her ever growing success. Currently she is filming season 3 of Tv One's hit reality show R&B Divas: L.A. which will premiere on February 11th. Back in October she released her album The Scarlet Letter where she opened up her life & revealed many of her personal moments using her music to tell the story, but while many may think they have full understanding of who she is they have no idea. 

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Now just months after the release of her tell-all book Taming Lil' Mo she has announced her partnership with Kas'tell Vodka brand. Besides this amazing announcement no details have been revealed on exactly what Mo will be doing with the brand, but we can all assume that she will release her very own flavor of vodka that will definitely sell quickly. Last year when she released her street anthem mixtape No Shit Sherlock she partnered with the brand in releasing the body of music that showed off her singing skills & the rap side of who she is as a artist.

Listen & download the No Shit Sherlock mixtape HERE.

I had the pleasure of attending Lil' Mo book release party in Philadelphia a few months ago & she chatted about the upcoming season of R&B Divas & of course her first tell-all book that her fans have been enjoying since it's release.

Watch the interview HERE.

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