Thursday, January 8, 2015


In a world where many people are strongly criticized for being who they are we occasionally come across some who live in their own truth without fear. Over many decades the topic of being gay has been a discussion that man have ignored especially when it comes to the sexuality of men. While the comfortability has moved greatly into a light of positivity their are still people who have a very hard time respecting & excepting people who are gay. Throughout the years people have tried to speak on the possibility of men who are in the music industry being gay but as expected no one ever wants to talk about it & how it is something that is happening. 

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Back in July of 2012 singer Frank Ocean came out as being bisexual & even though many people embraced him & continued to support him as a music artist their were some that decided to take a more disrespectful route & call him names. Regardless of others opinion about Oceans life he is another person among others who has stood in their own truth & embodied who they naturally are.

Their is a very talented singer by the name of Mike Hough who is from & currently live in the United Kingdom who earlier today has come out publicly. He has been known to be a very effortless & amazing singer who surely has a place in the music industry as a singer/songwriter. While many will focus on his sexual orientation instead of his gift for music it is safe to say that we all should celebrate not his coming out but another human being who has chosen to live freely & love exactly who they are with no regrets. 

One of the very amazing things about him publicly coming out via the social media network instagram is that he has helped someone, somewhere in the world realize that it's ok to be gay & love whoever you choose to love. I truly commend Mike because this is never a decision that is easy due to the fact that many are worried about being judged, discriminated against & some people even lose their families due to coming out.

Last year I had the chance to interview Mike about his music & career, check it out HERE.

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