Thursday, September 20, 2018


The fashion & beauty industry is more popular than it has ever been & with social media connecting everyone to the entire world we are all able to see how quickly fashion & beauty trends evolve over time. Raw Hollywood's owner Virgil Wilson has entered the beauty industry to bring the powerful message of why inclusivity is important. 

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The 31 year old entrepreneur has launched Opulent Beauty Cosmetics to the masses that was inspired from his love of make-up & being a fan of famed YouTube influencer Jackie Aina. While it maybe 2018 the beauty industry still have certain rules & unfair definitions of beauty when it comes to darker skin tones & especially men who wear makeup. Virgil is ready to dominate the industry & provide products that are a perfect fit for anyone who chooses to enhance their beauty. 

"I believe that it is beyond time for beauty to be redefined. 
No matter what your skin color or gender, 
everyone has the right to feel unapologetically beautiful." - Virgil Wilson

The launch of the beauty brand kicked off with the Autumn Kisses Collecti💋n that has 10 lip glosses perfect for the Fall season. The first collection also features a beautiful gold glow highlighter that looks good on any skin tone.

Check out the new collection & stay up-to-date with what is coming next on the official website HERE.

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