Thursday, September 20, 2018


Bronx rapper Pardison Fontaine steps back into the spotlight with the single "Backin' It Up" & all with the help of Cardi B. This isn't the first time the rappers have worked together, throughout the years they've created music together & Fontaine contributed to Cardi's Invasion Of Privacy album on the tracks "Bodak Yellow" & "Be Careful".
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Fontaine delivers "Backin' It Up" that is his debut single on Atlantic Records who Cardi is also signed to. In the visual the former reality television star brings her fashion game as she serves up some fresh rhymes on a silver platter.
"I'm the queen of talkin' shit, then I'm backin' it up."
Two week after Cardi's run in with Nicki Minaj during the popular New York Fashion Week it sounds like he could possibly be throwing some shade at the Queen.
"Why don't you chill with the beef & get some chicken instead? Got the crown, shut it down / had it hype up in the six / is she dead, let her lay / won't bring no life into this bitch."

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