Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Rotimi has been known to be a very talented music artist, but his role on the success television show Power has proven that he has many tricks up his sleeve. As of late many viewers have been very upset with his character on the show named Dre for more reasons then one. The singer/actor is gracing the cover of Rolling Out magazine to chat about his life & much more. 

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Rotimi spoke openly about his upcoming television & movie projects coming up this year & how his mother always knew that he would one day become an entertainer. 

“My mom always knew that I was going to be a musician or an entertainer because she always would say that Bob Marley had come to her in a dream when she was pregnant with me and said, ‘Your son is going to fulfill my legacy.”

His music career began at the tender age of five when he sung at a wedding. 

“I just saw that it was an opportunity to get some quick money. It wasn’t like a plan to be an actor. It wasn’t like my dream or anything,” he insists. “I had just graduated. I wanted to just put something in my pocket.”

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