Thursday, June 21, 2018


Last year Mary J. Blige earned herself a Oscar nomination for her role in the movie Mudbound that was released in August of 2017. She is keeping her acting train going as she will be taking on a new & more powerful role for an upcoming film.

More details below.

The 47 year old singer/actress is set to star in a thrilling movie titled Body Cam & will tell an electrifying story of many caucasian LAPD cops who become haunted by the spirit of an innocent African American boy that they had murdered. Mary will play the character of a cop who becomes infatuated with finding out the truth & seeks the answers through visions she has. This will cause her character to put herself in grace danger.

The two police officers who committed the crime of killing the young man tried to cover it all up by destroying the evidence that was displayed on a body cam. The movies story is being detailed as a mix of the movies End of Watch & the popular film Get Out that I being directed by Malik Vitthal. (Source)

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