Thursday, June 21, 2018


Mary J. Blige has been going through an ongoing battle to divorce husband Kendu Issacs since 2016. The details of the process of the divorce has played out all over the blogs as Issacs has reportedly tried to take everything that Blige has worked hard for.

More details below.

According to documents Issacs requested to received $130k a month for spousal support. Yesterday (Wednesday) a judge has officially signed on for the divorce to be finalized completely. Both Blige & Issacs reached a settlement agreement back in March, but didn’t come to a final result of how they would split their assets. 

At one point Issacs argued that he wanted more spousal support & said that Blige had tons of money. Blige made it known that she was doing her best to earn additional income & revealed that she did not make a lot of money for her Oscar nominated movie Mudbound. 

After a very long court battle they have ironed out all the specifics, but they are not available to the public because the terms are confidential according to the court documents. 

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