Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Xscape made a super successful return in 2017 after being apart for 20 years. Their reunion created a path for another 90’s r&b group to reunite & breathe life back into the potential of a strong legacy. 

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The ladies of the group 702 have announced that they are back together & ready to take fight. The group consists of Meelah Williams, LeMisha Fields, & Irish Grinstead & they are preparing to bring their hit music back to the masses. 

Back in the 90ms when the r&b sound was truly cherished 702 became famous for the singles “Steelo” & “Get It Together” that was on their debut album in 1996. The first album racked up more then 500,000 in sales & followed the release of the track “Where My Girls At?” from the album titled 702 in 1999 that gained platinum status. Sadly, the beauties recorded & released what would be the last album Star in 2003 before decided to part ways just three years later. 

Last year 702 resurfaced at the Soul Train Awards that made fans wonder if they were back together. After much speculation they officially announced they will be going on tour & them reuniting will possibly be documented for a reality television show.

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