Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Remy Ma has had tunnel vision when it comes to rebuilding her rap career & staying focused on the positive to gain the success she had before going to prison. She has been making waves with many collaborations & released the single “Wake Me Up” featuring Lil’ Kim. The Bronx followed up with “Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown)” with Chris Brown, but it looks like she has encountered a slight hault on the business front. 

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Late last year it was announced that she had teamed up with Vincent Herbert to be her manager & to help steer her career in the direction of success. According to reports by TMZ that business relationship has now come to an end & only after barely three months. 

According to sources Remy Ma was very displeased with Herbert’s failure to be a “super manager” & that his main focus was rebuilding his marriage with singer Tamar Braxton. It was also said that Ma felt that he failed to do basic managerial duties like scheduling performances & booking studio time for her. She absolutely wanted no dealings with his personal life as far as his divorce & the alleged baby mama drama rumors. As of now neither Remy or Vince has spoken out on their business relationship. 

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