Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Yesterday Drake made a surprise visit to Miami High School where she shot the music video for “God’s Plan” & had students in complete amazement. He brought some very unexpected gifts that left everyone speechless. 

More deets below.

Drizzy presented the school with a $25,000 check & OVO designed uniforms. If that wasn’t enough he then surprised a student named Destiny James with a $50,000 grant for college. After receiving the check James was excited & very emotional to say the least. She took to Instagram to share the overwhelming news of what the Canadian rapper did for her. 

This happened today. I applied to scholarships last year for which I had to write an essay. I received those scholarships and thought that was the end of it. Apparently, my essay and my story made it to other departments. I was contacted this weekend about doing a video speaking about where I come from, things I've been through, and why it is so important for scholarship donors to continue to donate. This was the surprise the whole time. Drake told me that he has read great things about me and appreciates how hard I've worked through so many trials and decided to give me $50K for my tuition. @champagnepapi THANK YOU SO MUCH!!' You don't understand what this means to me! I would've never imagined this happening to me. I'm just a girl from Denmark, SC that wants to MAKE IT and be somebody and for you to see my hard work means the world. Thank you so much. God I thank you. You are so great and amazing! Thank you for blessing me when I thought my hard work was going unnoticed. I'm living out my dreams. God's Plan 🙏🏾
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Over the weekend James was asked to come in to shoot a video about the importance of scholarships, but later found out a big surprise was awaiting her. 

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