Tuesday, February 27, 2018


In four months the girl singing group June’s Diary will celebrate two years since they were discovered & molded into a vocals & strongly harmonizing talent for the world to enjoy. Since their debut they have released many songs that have showed off their skills like “All of Us”, “L.A.N.C.E”, & “Wrap Around” just to name a few. This past Thursday the ladies treked to the big apple of New York City to put on a concert at the famous SOB’s & to no surprise the show was amazing & Raw Hollywood was on the building. 

Watch the interview below.

After the show stopping show Raw Hollywood’s very own Virgil Wilson sat down to chat with the ladies about what’s to come in 2018 & of course their music. One of the biggest highlights of the interview is when they were asked when they will be releasing new music like an album or EP & the response was, “forget a label, forget people holding songs from us. We are doing our thing, we are recording music & we’re going to put music out & that’s what the plan is” said Brienna. The ladies also spoke on the chemistry they have & how it old developed into a strong sisterhood.

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