Thursday, June 14, 2018


Xtina fans are a few short hours away from the delivering of the Liberation album making it her sixth studio project. It’s been years since she gave fans the Lotus album & the overpowering of excitement is growing larger as the hours go by. One of the biggest anticipations is wondering when the world will get that rumored collaboration with Pink that has been a buzz for sometime now. 

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As many of you know, years ago their was a feud between both of the ladies. Since they have reconciled & naturally grown since the days when they were a part of the MTV TRL days. 

In a new interview with Paper magazine Christina Aguilera chats about the collaboration which she states will not be on the new album. 

Speaking of Pink, she mentioned in an interview that you two had recorded a duet, but it's not on the album. Will that song ever come out?

I would love for it to, yeah. There's a great song we did together. And there's a few songs that didn't see the light of day on this particular record, but are in my back pocket. I'd definitely like to release that song in a really fun, cool, collaborative way. She's just such a great artist and has grown into be such a strong force for women and I think she's awesome. And she sounds amazing on the record. I've mentioned this before too, but I don't wanna take a long break. After this album, I'm back in my artist mode. I don't want to let that go again. I have a great team of writers and people behind me that I can just reach out to now. It's been great being able to take the time on this record to get to know people. We'll continue pulling through, so maybe there is another record sooner than you think after this one.
Aside from speaking on working with Pink she was asked about a “Lady Marmalade” reunion & if she would like to see it happen. 

Mýa has said that she wanted to do a reunion with you, Pink, and Lil' Kim for "Lady Marmalade." Would you be down for anything like that?

For sure, I love combining a bunch of our girl energy and doing something. I mean you look back at that video and it was such an amazing point in time, and something that just dominated so much. And coming together was so amazing so I'm always down.

Check out the full Paper magazine interview with Xtina HERE

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