Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Ahead of the release of the “Chun-Li” & “Barbie Tingz” music videos, news has surfaced that Nicki Minaj is being sued. According to reports she has been using a t-shirt design for profit that she does not own the rights too. 

More deets below.

A man by the name of Isaiah Simon has filed a lawsuit against the rapper for using a t-short design that reads “I ❤️ Venice Beach” with the heart flipped upside down to resemble a woman’s boobs. He claims that Minaj used this very design & changed it to “I ❤️ Nicki” with the same boob shapes design. 

(Image via TMZ)

Simon says that on Valentine’s Day of 2015 he actually copyrighted the heart/boob shaped design. The lawsuit also says that both Nicki Minaj & Univeral Music Group purposefully stole his design to produced merchandise of their own. 

Currently fans can buy the t-short on UMG’s website, but Simon wants it taken down immediately. The lawsuit is to block any future sales of the shirt & to recoup on sales & money that he has lost. 

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