Friday, April 13, 2018


The past few months have been very difficult for Meek Mill as he has been incarcerated for violating probabtion. Many of his industry peers have been coming to his aid to support him & bring awareness to what they deem a unfair situation. The Philly rapper brought his highly publicized case to the Nightly News where he spoke about his legal woes.

Check out the interview below.

Meek spoke with NBC's Lester Holt over the phone as he expressed what is currently going on his life at the moment, “I think God delivered me the job to helping people, helping minorities that come from these situations, like myself,” he said. “Don’t show me no pity because this is my life. This is what I’ve been going through and I think God put me in this position to be able to do a show with Lester Holt and open up eyes for other young black men.”

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner & the governor Tom Wolf said that they won't oppose his release on bail. Meek's attorney's are very hopeful that his original conviction will be overturned due to a corruption scandal.

His attorney's have accused Judge Genece Brinkley of treating him very unfairly. Meek claims that the judge as him to remix the classic Boyz II Men song "On Bended Knee" for her.
“Fucking Nicki [Minaj] busts out laughing, but I grabbed her leg, going, ‘Yo, this is my life here,'” Meek claimed. “I tried to tell the judge, ‘All respect, but that ain’t me. I’m a Philly street rapper, not a bubblegum dude.’ She says, ‘Fine, then,’ in a real sarcastic way. ‘Suit yourself.'”

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