Friday, October 27, 2017


We can only imagine that this has been a extremely tough week for Tamar Braxton. Earlier this week it was reported that she filed for divorce after nine years of being married to her husband Vince Herbert. Many speculations are roaming around social media from people trying to figure what went wrong in their marriage. It looks like some new details have surfaced. 

Find out after the cut.

Tamar’s singing sisters Towanda, Trina, & Tracy we’re spotted walking through the airport by TMZ & of course they stopped to chat with them. While Tracy kept quiet the other two sister had a lot to say regarding the divorce & Ms. Trina kind of showed some distaste for Vince. 

According to Towanda the drama could possible play out on the next season of The Braxton Family Values. Hopefully like other celebrity divorces it doesn’t get messy especially since they share a child together. 

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