Thursday, October 26, 2017


Fergie released the Double Dutchess album last month & she has her eyes set on kicking off a tour soon. The question is would this be the best idea?

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Ms. Fergie was at an amFAR event recently & she talked about how she has plans to bring the album to life with a world tour. 

“Oh yeah the tour is coming. I don’t do this much work to not tour [the album]. I want to bring all those visuals to life, [be]cause it’s different from video to stage. So it’s a whole new element when you performing something live on stage.”

Now would a tour be an ideal thing to do since the album hasn’t really performed well on the charts since it’s released? Most definitely, just because the project didn’t chart well doesn’t mean that the material isn’t worth seeing live on stage. The fans that actually supported Fergie & brought the album deserve to have the opportunity to attend a concert to see the music come to life. Lastly, just because the album didn’t do well as far as number surely doesn’t mean that she should just give up. You can clearly tell that she put a lot of time & effort into the music & especially the visuals. 

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