Sunday, December 11, 2016


The baddest bish is back and she has some things that she wants to get off of her chest. Trina hasn't released an album in a minute, however, she is back with her EP titled Dynasty 6. Did you get a chance to check out the project yet? If so, what were your thoughts? Were you impressed? Did it leave you wanting more? Let's talk about this EP a little more and you can listen to it below.

"This EP was created for my fans, those that have been waiting and riding with me since day one until now." 

Trina talked about creating this Dynasty and being happy that she did not have to sell her soul to do so.  Saying, "A lot of people counted me out. A lot of people who I've been by there side since day one was not by my side when I needed them. That taught me a lesson in this industry." She went on to talk about people using you to their benefit and how nobody should expect anything from her. She didn't say any names because that's not her style and she didn't want to "lower her standards to this fake industry full of haters and non believers". You can ALWAYS count on Trina to keep it one hundred!

My favorite track off of Dynasty 6 has to be "C'mon Babe" which reminds me of an old school Uncle Luke track with the beat. She also shows love to one of her first songs "Baddest Bitch" in this song, rapping a part from the song. This track will definitely have some twerk offs in full force.

My next favorite track has to be "Back to Me" when Trina addresses that one guy that used her but she smartened up of course and ditched that one. She doesn't want him to think that he can come running back to her though. Rapping, "My game on fleek and ya new bitch, she homeless chic. I laugh at her cause she's a small matter, I live a high rise, she Section 8 chatter", the Baddest lets you know that your new girl is clearly a downgrade. *Trina laugh*

The Miami rapper opens up Dynasty 6 with "First Place", which was a perfect intro, I must admit! It was a little under two minutes and she let's you know that she's been coming with the hits, and she's back with more. "Watch This" follows up and I can see it being a strip club anthem for sure. Something about that beat, as Trina talks that ish just makes vibe out to this track. Things slow down with "Hold You Down" but then take make a crazy turn in "Obsessed". There were a few tracks that featured singers on this EP and "No Games" featured a pretty dope one. 

Overall, this EP was hella dope if ask me... but then again, I could be a little biased because I'm one of those day one riders for Trina. In all honestly, it's definitely worth checking out and it's some great riding music on there. She did the damn thing, but I will let you make your own decision. Listen to Dynasty 6 below!

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