Saturday, December 10, 2016


These past couple of days, a few artists decided to release EP's, including Trina and Lloyd. The Dream also decided to give fans new music and dropped his EP Love You to Death to lead us into the weekend. The EP features five tracks, all of which a slow and sexy except one. The Dream loves to play with new sounds and I must admit, I enjoyed this project. Did you get a chance to take a listen to it yet?

The Dream kicks off the EP with a song titled "Lemon Lean" which had some reference to Beyonce's Lemonade album. Mentioning the famous quote, "always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper", Dream switches it up singing, "Now Bey said the best revenge is your paper, well I think ya best revenge is my human nature". The song has a sexy vibe, which you already know he is good at making those types of tracks.

Next we go "College Daze" which talks about him forgiving his girl about her past so she should be able to forgive him and the bad decisions that he's made. The only thing about that is that he mentions that he forgave his girl for things that were done back in college, however, he wants her to forgive him for things that he did just last night! I don't think that is quite how it works but hey, different strokes for different folks.

"Rih-Flex" shows love to the one and only Rihanna of course. "We've all had that one girl that had that Rihanna flex" sings Mr. Radio Killa. You can say that this song basically talks about the girl that ruins ya life with that good loving! At least that's what I got out of that track, maybe I need to listen again. Did you hear it yet? If so, what did you take from this song? Either way it goes, anything showing love Rih, I'm down for!

The Dream gets nasty with "Madness", letting you know exactly what he wants to do with you and why you should have stayed with him. Could this be a message to an ex? Probably not considering that he is a married man again, however we will never know. He just wants to "put his lips on in it" and "put his face in it", which I'm sure she is not going to turn down. 

The EP closes out with a track titled "Ferris-Wheel" that may be the fastest song on the project. This song is more upbeat as it describes a "crazy love". It's definitely a perfect song to groove to, maybe even hit a little hustle to it (sorry, y'all know by now that it's the Detroit in me).

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out the EP, you can do so below. If you already have listen to Love You to Death, what is your favorite track(s) from the project?

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