Thursday, September 22, 2016


It's great when celebrities use their platform to speak on major issues that are going on in the world. Common is known for always doing that, he just keeps it real on all all levels. With this new song "Black America Again", he speaks on all things wrong from the cops killing black people, to the Flint water crisis... which is definitely still going on if you weren't aware.

The video opens with a clip that touched hearts all over the U.S., the video of Alton Sterling being gunned down by police all because he was selling CD's outside of a store. That moment, amongst others is one of the hardest things to watch, however, it opens your eyes to what is really going on out here in this world. "Black America Again" does feature Stevie Wonder, however, he was not actually in the video. Now that I think about it, Common was not in the video either, only various clips and other people.

This song will be featured on an album that Common is working on titled Black America Again. I'm sure that album name alone will ruffle some feathers, however, you gotta stand up for what is right at the end of the day. We are always so concerned about our blackness offending or making people uncomfortable when nobody cares about making us uncomfortable. It would be nice to see more celebs take a stand against the injustice and use their platform for something on a more serious level.

Check out the new video below and let us know how your feeling about it, as well as everything that is going on in the world as well.


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