Thursday, September 22, 2016


A day after his passing, his new video was released.... Shawty Lo's memory will continue to live on. If you visit his Instagram page, or any other social media pages of his, you could see that he had been working on new music. Well, today his video for "Put Some Respek On It" was released, which I'm sure was bittersweet for a few people.

So of course you know that "Put Some Respek On It" had to lead back to Birdman and his rant on The Breakfast Club radio show. The song opens up with the actual audio of the Cash Money boss telling the crew from the Breakfast Club to put some respek (no typo, that's what he said) on his name. Shawty Lo always kept it real and this video was no different. It looks like he kept it in the hood, and just invited a few people out. I also noticed that his little guy was in the video, however, I don't know if the rest of the children were apart of the shoot. It just looked like everybody was having a good time in the video, even the girls that got carjacked ended winning cause they got their car brought back to them in the same condition it left them, by the guys who originally robbed them. Now that's real, LOL!

Check out the video below and we are still sending our condolences out to Shawty Lo's loved ones. Rest Peacefully L-O!


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