Wednesday, July 15, 2015


DMX just can't seem to catch a break. For many years now he has struggled with drug addiction & his overall career as a successful rapper has become a thing of the past. Why he continues to still get books for performances his career is very lack luster compared to who he was back in the 90's. He has now found himself in more trouble & this time he has to pay the ultimate consequence.

Get all the details below.

DMX has been sentenced to six months in prison for failure to pay back child support totaling $400,000. Last month he was arrested in NYC & now has to serve time for the delinquency. In 2013 he appeared on OWN network show Iyanla: Fix My Life where he was forced to face his drug addiction issues & non-existent relationship with his son. Sadly by the end of the episode he continue to rebel & act as if he had no serious issues. 

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