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Back in 2013 when Iggy Azalea released her single "Work" she gained much popularity with her lyrical style & her dance floor ready tracks. Iggy has seen much success in 2014 especially with her single "Fancy" that can currently be heard all over mainstream radio now making her owner of a Billboard Hot 100 #1 single. As of recently she has come under fire for allegedly not writing her own rhymes. Some weeks ago at the BET Awards while excepting a award Nicki Minaj was accused of subliminally throwing shade at Iggy for not writing her own raps. Even with those damaging accusations Iggy & and her team have their eyes set on a successful 2015. 

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As Azalea gets ready for the release of her new single "Black Widow" along with its accompanying music video & has announced some of their plans for next year. 

While speaking with Billboard they spoke about how much money she will make in the current year & how they plan to take Iggy to the next level as an artist. It is when they speak about the accusations of her not writing her own music it sounds as if they are admitting that she does not.

“She speaks to an audience who hasn’t had an opportunity to have someone really represent them,” says Rene Mclean, founder of music branding-management agency RPM. “At first, hip-hop was super urban, but rap is for everybody now. She was very strategic in the way she set herself up with theASAP Rocky and T.I. affiliations, doing records with Steve Aoki, and she ended up with a new arsenal.”

Based on her projected royalty rates from two big radio hits and a sold-out tour of clubs and theaters, Azalea will likely pull in $3 million to $5 million in earnings in 2014, sources suggest. And an attempt to leap to the next level is imminent.

Cara Lewis, Azalea’s agent at Creative Artists Agency, says the first leg of a 2015 arena tour already is being routed, and talks are underway with potential brand partners to integrate into the tour. “Iggy’s management team is comprised of all women, and we are in sync as a group when it comes to long-term visions and choosing the right partners,” says Lewis. “There is a lot of attention from the beauty genre, including makeup, hair and skin products.”
Branding experts estimate that Azalea could command mid- to high-six-figures for the right campaign, and potentially more as her stock grows. “Over the past three months, we’ve gotten more inquiries [about her] than any other female artist,” says Ryan Schinman, CEO of music licensing and entertainment marketing firm Platinum Rye. “She’s not as controversial as Miley Cyrus, and she would make a terrific spokesperson for the right products.”

As for the flap surrounding Azalea’s credibility as a rapper, with Nicki Minajrecently throwing shade at the BET Awards about writing her own verses? One major artist manager says that won’t trickle down to the rising star’s business appeal.

“When you look at a lot of pop superstars, Rihanna’s not known to be a songwriter but she has incredible credibility when it comes to fashion and being able to move the cultural needles,” says the source. “To fans and brands, I don’t think that matters much.”

If they are actually admitting that she does not write her own rhymes we can all appreciate them being honest. Seeing it from a different approach, is it a wise thing to admit that she does not write her own wraps like many other artists do? Female rappers like Minaj who have been known to be very talented with the pen will always see themselves as "real" rappers due to the fact that they simply write their own music & don't use ghostwriters. Even with all of that said Iggy will continue to be successful because she continuously releases music that her fans enjoy.

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