Friday, December 6, 2013


We can all agree that the music scene has dramatically changed since the 90's, I know most of you can remember when female rappers embraced each other & collaborated on songs together. One of the most famous female collaborations of the 90's was on a track entitled "Ladies Night" that included Lefteye, Lil' Kim, Missy Elliott, Angie Martinez & Da Brat. In the a recent interview with XXL magazine Brooklyn rapstress Lil' Kim spoke on tim s when females embraced each other in the hip-hop community, she feels that nowadays they only look out for themselves. 

Find out more of what she had to say below.
You have other women out there who want to be by themselves. They don’t get the art of unity and what inspired that. You can’t come in the game and think, “Oh, okay, I’m going to be the only one out here. I don’t want to stand in the line with no other chicks.” It’s still a struggle because when a woman makes it to the top, it wasn’t like that when we were out. When we made it to the top, the real divas—me, Missy, Eve—we had no problem standing in a line. Look, let’s get this money. We did songs together. We just kept continuously doing it even when we didn’t like each other. We did photo shoots even when we couldn’t stand each other. It was more real. Nowadays, it’s just females are jealous. And they want to act like the girl who is responsible for all this doesn’t exist. That’s whack. That’s real corny, but things will change. That’s the one thing for certain—two things for sure. Things will change.

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