Saturday, December 7, 2013


Philadelphia born hip-hop rapper Meek Mill traveled to Delaware last night to appear & perform at Wilmington's upscale Moodswing Nightclub. Many of his fans came out to enjoy a artist that they could relate to, but in a matter of moments many lives would change forever. According to a police officer early this morning at about 1:50 am four individuals were shot as a large crowd of people began exiting the club.

More details below.

 Sergeant Paul Shavack stated that their were multiple shooters in the parking lot as they patrons exited the establishment, three of the victims were men who were 21, 22 & 24 years of age & a woman who was 33 years old & gratefully none of their injuries are life threatening.

“Arriving troopers were confronted by a large crowd of approximately 600-700 patrons in the parking lot fleeing on foot and in cars, and could hear multiple gunshots being fired within the crowd. Troopers were able to secure the scene, clear and disperse the crowd without further incident,” Shavack said in a news release.

Many will wonder why such a unfortunate thing like this would happen, but sadly the reason most likely will never see the light of day. The same streets were children play is the same streets where thugs have turf wars & drive by shooting occur. In this day & age these things have become normal but we honestly do not have to accept it, we have to learn to speak up to authorities when we have information so we can get these hoodlums off the streets.

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