Tuesday, November 5, 2013


In many households across the world their are parents & families that shy away from the topic of the topic of gays in the world. Some people find it hard to approach the topic & some only see the negative aspects in the topic so they ignore as if it does not exist but it does. While many think that they younger generation who are children do not know what's going on around them when it comes to people who are gay will be shocked to learn that these very children know more then they give them credit for. 

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A video has been released showing 13 very young children as they watch & react to a video showing a man as he proposes to his boyfriend in a store. The video goes on to show a woman who asks her girlfriend to marry her. While their were some children who did not understand what was going on right before their eyes their were some amazing little ones who showed their support for equal right, their even was one boy who recited a few lyrics from Macklemore's uplifting & empowering song "Same Love"

 The video proves that this is a discussion that must happen, these children are the next generation & in order for EVERYONE to be treated with respect is if we start with the children of the world. It truly amazed me at how these kids showed their positive opinions to something that some are not even use to seeing on a daily basis.

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