Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Award winning singer Keyshia Cole has been known to use her life experiences & turn them into songs that many of her fans can relate to, but when she's not being a artist she's being a mother to her son Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. During the early years of her career she opened up her life & story to the world on her BET reality show called The Way It Is & on the show she revealed that she was adopted due to the fact that her mother was on drugs. Now the r&b singer has decided to make a decision that will positively change her life for the better.

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It has been three years since Cole gave birth to her son who she calls Munch & now she is trying to decide if she wants to adopt a child. Revealing the information to her fans via instagram she says that "There's so much I could offer a child thats been in the system". Keyshia also said that she is way to busy to have more children at this present time & her son needs a brother or sister. 

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