Friday, June 30, 2023


Monica has surprised fans with the release of her new single titled 'Letters'. The track which was lifted from her forthcoming ninth album Trenches was co-written by Ciara & produced by Tasha Catour who helped to tell the story of her longing for the love of a man who is serving time in prison. Those who follow Monica know that this is a personal story of her life.

Watch the music video below.
A short time after releasing the song to streaming platforms that Atlanta native delivered the visual that star California rapper The Game as the leading man. The video is very reminiscent of her 2004 hit single 'Should've Known Better' that starred rapper Young Buck. 

"They see you & see a thug / I see you & see my love / you roll up they running scared / but me I'm running to you with my fears / ain't found no one that can measure up to you"

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