Monday, January 23, 2023


Rita Ora is back as the 31 year old is gracing the newest issue of GQ Hype just days before the release of the new single 'You Only Love Me' on January 27th. The beauty strikes many a pose for the publication as she speaks on various topics including the upcoming release of her third studio album & owning all of her masters.

Check it out below.
On her third album:

"I have this presentation I do for everyone I work with, so we're all on the same page: What's the language? What's the purpose? What's th connection? I tell everyone my journey. With the album I'm capturing this moment in my life where I'm falling in love. There are things I talk about on it, very personal thoughts, about what it took for me to decide on this person, & to commit to him."

On owning her masters:

"The position I got myself in: owning my masters & having control creatively. I'm in a different seat on the bus now.

Read the full interview HERE.

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