Thursday, January 26, 2023


Mary J. Blige has been apart of the entertainment industry for the past 4 decades & she has blossomed into a wise, extremely talented & lovable person over the years. The NY native was called on by People magazine to chat about her life, music career & her personal growth in their new issue of the publication. 

Check it out below. 

Blige’s music catalog consists of tons of hits & classics that have built her 15 studio albums that have to date sold well over 100 million copies. The 52 year old has gone through a lot while in the public eye, but remains strong & nothing can stop her or her greatness. 

On her morning ritual of saying to herself “good morning gorgeous “

“Sometimes my eyes are all closed up, but I strain to see myself. It’s not about the vanity of it, it’s about how we’re strengthened. No one can love me like me. Nobody can.”

Mary goes onto explaining in detail of how important this ritual is to her. 

“It’s a form of meditation. I do it in my prayer time. There’s no makeup, no nominations for an award. It’s just me & GOD. And the beauty of being able to say, ‘I appreciate my life’. To look in the mirror, my eyes are half closed & say something to myself that never even believed.” 

Read the full interview HERE.  

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