Thursday, August 19, 2021


Lil’ Kim has been one of the most popular rap pioneers since her debut in the 90’s. Her raw & gritty rap style is what gained the worlds attention when she first stepped on the scene. Back in April she announced that she would be releasing a tell all memoir ‘The Queen Bee’ about her life. A story that would unpack the many lavers of her life in front of the camera & behind it. 

More details below. 

The memoir will five head first into her three decades in the spotlight touching on many of her public wins & the trials & tribulations of her life. The book was originally set to be released this year on November 2nd, but now has been pushed back to next year with the new release date of March 22, 2022. 

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  1. The original release date was September of 2020 because I preordered in June 2020. This is now the 3rd delay because my email just said September 2022! If 1 more pushback happens I will cancel my order if I've been charged already because this is ridiculous! Every time it gets close and I get excited i gets let down by these delays