Friday, July 3, 2020


Tiyon Christian has made a very solid & creditable name for himself in the music industry. He first got his start singing on YouTube that gained him attention for his raw undeniable talent. Over the years he has been perfecting his craft while writing for some of the world's most popular artists & his vocals can be heard on some of your favorites tracks, but their is so much more to TC. Raw Hollywood's very own Virgil Wilson sat down for a very insightful interview with the singer/songwriter on Instagram LIVE.

Check it out below.
As per usual our chat with TC was entertaining & well worth it. He was asked about his inspiration for his debut album 'RAIN' & if the songs lyrical content come from his own personal experiences. The conversation went into the direction of racism in the music industry & how lighter skinned female artists tend to get more attention than those who are darker skinned. Tiyon went into brief details about some of the negativity he has experienced in the industry & how unfair it can be & that new artists need to be properly guided so they will not be taken advantage of as most do. 

One of the amazing thing about Tiyon is that aside from the many songs he has released, he can without a doubt sing in real life & always sounds just like the mixed & mastered track. I asked him to sing one of my favorite tracks off of the album 'Good Enough' & he didn't disappoint me or any of the viewers. 

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