Monday, September 16, 2019


It has barely been two months since rising rapper Paputi released the "Do It" single that delivered a banging beat. The 25 year old Brooklyn resident is unleashing an array of fire spitting bars on the newly released record "Making Moves".

Take a listen below.

Paputi spoke on the his inspiration behind the creative process of writing "Making Moves":

"Making Moves came about when I was at work and receiving all these messages saying “why aren’t you sign yet ? You're so talented“, and it dawned on me that I moved to New York City from Philadelphia to pursue my dream in music and since I moved to the BIG APPLE I was able to work with a lot of well known names and started booking show after show, hence the title of Making Moves cause I’m literally Making Moves Out here in the big city. I started the verse with the line “I’m tired working at a day job“ which is really how I feel, I don’t want to continue to work in retail I honestly rather do something I really love and that’s RAP. This song inspires me to keep going and never stop. I’m making my mom proud and I’m just getting started."

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