Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Celebrities are no strangers to spending tons of money on their lavish lifestyles from jewelry to super expensive cars. Rapper Desiigner has revealed that he spends $20,000 per month on Uber rides. Back in 2015 the Brooklyn rapper rose to fame with the hit song "Panda" that took over the airwaves.

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He took to his Instagram stories stating, "My business manager telling' me I got to chill out with the Ubers. I'm spending like $20,000 on them shits... a month! We gotta chill. Stay in your lane."

Once you break down the math of the total amount for an average month of 30 days it comes to $666 a day on Uber rides. Desiigner has been in the studio recording his long awaited debut album that he revealed to Billboard in May 0f 2018 will be titled Sidney which is his birth name. Chatting about the project with Billboard he had this to say,

"This is only the beginning . This is the end of Chapter 1. I'm about to step into Chapter 2. I'm doing this, I'm dropping the EP then the big album. Every album is going to be a chapter for me."

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