Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Empire star & music artist Jussie Smollett was violently attacked in what is being reported as an act of hate. Two men assaulted the actor when he arrived in Chicago around 2am Tuesday morning. Smollett went to Subway to get food & as he was leaving was approached by two men. 

More details below.

According to police the men began to yell homophobic & racial slurs at Jussie, “aren’t you that f****t Empire n***a?” The two white men wore ski masks as they attacked Jussie while he faught off the attackers. They put a dope around his neck & poured bleach on him & as they left they yelled “this is MAGA country.” 

Jussie was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital due to a fractured rib & was treated for his injuries. He was released from the hospital & it’s being reported that he is in good condition. Just days before the incident a ranson letter was that was addressed to him was sent to FOX studios Chicago. 

The letter read, “You will die black f**” in cut up magazine letters. The Chicago Police Department is investigating the situation as battery & a possible hate crime. 

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