Thursday, December 27, 2018


Lil' Mo has been gracing the music industry with her talent for well over 20 years & to date she is still one of the most talented singer/songwriters to grace the stage. It's been four years since the release of her last album The Scarlett Letter & after taking time to pursue other ventures she is returning to music & back like she never left.
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Mo has been banging out major hits since the 90's & is the soundtrack to the classic sound of what the 90's were all about. The songstress is gearing up for 2019 & will be releasing a new EP entitled Separation Anxiety. The R&B veteran recently had a photo shoot in support of the new body of music & she has released behind-the-scenes footage hosted by Raw Hollywood's Virgil Wilson.
"Stepping out of my comfort zone, was a big decision I had to make within. And it's all about the energy you have around you. Therefore I am no longer afraid to be beautifully scarred!! Perfectly fine with unapologetically being ME!! I owe myself so much love. So this "Separation Anxiety" EP is mainly because I missed myself. So fuckin much!!!" -Lil' Mo

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