Monday, July 23, 2018


R. Kelly has been receiving a lot of negativity for the past few months due to rumors of him having sexual relations with underage girl which is something that he has been rumored to be doing for more than a decade. Due to the #MuteRKelly campaign issued on him on social media many of his concerts have been cancelled & has angered him. After all of the allegations the r&b veteran has finally spoken out through his music in a new song called "I Admit" that is a shocking 19 minutes long.

Take a listen after the cut.

The 51 year old singer premiered the song on Instagram Live for all of his fans to hear. In the song he touches on various topics like Wendy Williams, not being able to read & even says that he is broke. The late singer Aaliyah is also mentioned who he was rumored to have been dating back in the 90's in the early stages of her career. Kelly sings lyrics addressing dating young women, the #MuteRkelly movement & a lot more.

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