Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Drake’s newest album release Scorpion has been doing amazingly well on the music charts to no surprise at all. All of social media have been singing the melodies of one of the projects popiar tracks “In My Feelongs” as many have been uploading videos of themselves dancing to the catchy beat. One famed singer who is super talented KeKe Wyatt has unleashed a remix to the song. 

Listen below.

After fans starting tagging Wyatt in memes on social media because of the lyrics Drake rapped, “KeKe, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you'll never ever leave from beside me
'Cause I want ya, and I need ya And I'm down for you always”. Wyatt is no stranger to remixing other    artists songs & using her super underrated voice to put her own sauce & vocal runs on it. 

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