Wednesday, June 27, 2018


For weeks now I have been wondering what happened to the current season of The Braxton Family Values. So far, the new season has been surrounded by the planning of Toni’s wedding where she will be marrying Young Money rapper Birdman & Tamar is trying to get through her separation from Vince & co-parenting. The last episode that aired was back in May & since then no new episode have aired & now the fans of the reality show know exactly why. 

Find out below.

The Braxton Family Values is officially on an indefinite hiatus after the singing sisters & their mother Evelyn Braxton came to an agreed decision that they will not film for the show until they’re paid what they are deserved. 

According to TMZ close to the show, the famed sisters were scheduled to film in Atlanta last week, but only Traci showed up. After that WeTv sent the shows crew home & completely pulled the plug on filming for now. The sisters are refusing to return to filming until the network & the Magical Elves production company renegotiate their contracts for the rest of the season 6. 

Toni, Tamar, Towanda, Traci, Trina, Evelyn feel that the traveling & wardrobe budget are very low & this is one of the reasons why they want more money. Aside from that they also want their salaries increased to a level that is more than appropriate for who they are. According to sources The Braxton’s are still under contract all the way through season 9 of the show. 

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