Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Kesha has been going through an extremely emotional battle since she came forward with accusations that Dr. Luke sexually abused her. According to new details she revealed that one of her Pop peers fell victim to his sexual misconduct. 

More details below.

Accessing to court documentation the singer claims that Dr. Luke raped Katy Perry! This accusation is what she revealed to none other than Lady Gaga. Since the beginning Luke has denied the allegations that he had drugged or raped Kesha, but in documents that haven’t been revealed she brought forward additional accusations. 

The Blast reported: 

“On February 26, 2016 [Kesha] sent a text message to Stefani Germanotta p/k/a/ Lady Gaga which repeated [Kesha’s] false claim that [Luke] had raped her.”
It continues, “[Kesha] also falsely asserted that [Luke] had also raped Kathryn Hudson p/k/a/ Katy Perry,” and that, “Following this text message conversation, and with [Kesha’s] encouragement, [Lady Gaga] spread negative messages about [Luke] in the press and on social media.”
Katy hasn’t come forward to say that the claims are untrue, but she did explain why she is no longer working with the producer saying she needed to “leave the nest”. 

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