Saturday, June 2, 2018


More than her music Azealia Banks is known to viciously speak negatively about other music artists in a way that makes headlines. Sadly, her career has taken a major downfall because of the lack of professionalism. Up next on her chopping block is her comments regarding the gay community & Kanye West. 

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Banks tweeted about West’s new album Ye that was just released & in her words it has “no artistic growth”. She feels that male rappers need to take a backseat & let the women show them how it is properly done. 

After going in on Kanye, she took sometime to address someone on social media who blatantly called her a bitch. She fired back with, “but look for you just called me a bitch. For no reason. Now if I call you a f*g all hell will break loose”. 

While many may feel that Banks disrespected people of the gay community I believe she has a valid point. Her point was that is it ok for gay men to call women bitches, but in return a woman can’t call a person who is gay a faggot? Both words have a history of negativity that surrounds it & has strong affected both from each side. I rarely agree with Banks opinions on many things, but this time I don’t feel she is wrong for once. 

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