Sunday, May 13, 2018


Cardi B has been on cloud nice as she has been enjoying all of the fruits of her labor from the chart success of the debut album Invasion Of Privacy that has gained gold status. Her star is climbing high & the world is chanting her name something that continues to feel like a dream for the former social media star. This week has saw an attack on Cardi & who she is as a person as people question her personality, the way she speaks & her new found fame. R&B singer Tank was on instagram live last night (May 12th) where he genuinely voiced his love for the rapper & defended her in the most respectful way.

Watch it below.

Tank spoke about how disrespectful it is for the way people are choosing to treat the Bronx native. Aside from just voicing his opinion he provided facts on why Cardi is who she is & exactly why she is at the level of success that has been provided by her personality & hard work.

"Cardi B continue to turn up, please continue to use your energy to focus on where you're going. Continue to use your energy to focus on where you're going. And do not use your energy to argue or explain where you've been or where you come from, you don't have to. You owe that conversation nothing."

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