Friday, May 18, 2018


As of lately Meek Mill's name has been a big topic of conversation as he was released a few weeks ago after serving time in jail for violating probation. Since being released he has spoken on a lot of the unfair treatment that he received & how the judge on his case has some type of vendetta against him. The Philly rapper is currently out on bail & could possibly be sentenced back to prison, but while he is out he is using that time to bring awareness to the flaws of the system of the law.

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According to TMZ, the 31 year old is scheduled to visit The White House. Sources are saying that a meeting is set for Friday (May 18th), but no info has been made available if the meeting will be with President Donald Trump or someone else connected to The White House. 

While there he will be speaking about prison reform which is something that he knows all too well. It is being reported that many of his celebrity friends are urging him not visit The White House. Aside from him making the visit he is trying to get his conviction overturned. It is no secret that their has been a lot of reports of corruption within the Philadelphia police system & many have been convicted due to false information being reported. 

Bradley Bridge is a attorney for the Defender Association of Philadelphia & says that he has worked more than 2,000 cases that had to deal with corrupt police offers. According to documents provided to TMZ he says that he has never saw a judge do the things that Judge Genece Brinkley has done & continues veto do to Meek Mill. 

"I have never had a judge order an evidentiary hearing where the prosecution has conceded the legitimacy of [post conviction] relief." - Bradley Bridge

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