Friday, April 6, 2018


It's no secret that in this day & age many artist especially rappers are always involved in some type of beef with one another, so when they do take time to congratualte one another it's always good to see. As you all know today Cardi B released the debut album Invasion Of Privacy& so far social media is swarming with support & love for the project. One rapper in particular took the time out to shed light on Cardi's success & new album.

More details below.

Rapper The Game took to social media to show his love for the rapstress & the hustle that she has put forth in the past year. Their is no denying that B is quickly working her way to the top of the charts all thanks to hard work & loyal fans.

A commenter asked The Game if he thought that Cardi would take Nicki Minaj's spot. With no surprise he then replied & stated many facts all in the process of keeping it respectful & showing love to other female artists in the hip-hop game.

Game spoke on how their isn't any competiton, "Nicki in her own lane & just broke a record passing Aretha Franklin on the hot 100 billboard list... & Cardi just went 0-100 on everybody in less than a year." He also went onto show love to other female rappers stating, "From Roxanne Shante, to Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, to Lady Of Rage, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown & Trina... to Nicki & Cardi... it's all hip hop & I love it."

I must say that i commend The Game for speaking the facts especially on social media where many spectators enjoy putting others up against one another. The reality is hate it or love it both Nicki & Cardi are successful in their own right. They both have come from the bottom up all based off of hard work & delivering music that their fans obviously enjoy. Hopefully one day they both could collaborate together to officially stop fans from immaturally bringing beef between them & what they do as artists.

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