Monday, April 9, 2018


Nicki Minaj has been very quiet this year & the Barbz are beginning to have withdrawal & need new music from the rapstress. Over the weekend Minaj delivered her first tweet since taking a social media break in late December. The tweet caused an outpour of excitment, but still allowing fans to question exactly what is going on.
Check it out below.
This past Sunday (April 8th) Onika hopped on twitter with the tweet that said nothing but "4", but unfortunately soon after she deleted the tweet. Many believe it was her way of saying that her new album is coming which is her fourth project since 2014's The Pinkprint. It could also have something to do with Friday the 13th arriving since she has been known to refer to herself as Jason, "Friday the 13th & guess whose playing Jason". These are the lyrics that she recited in Ludacris' 2010 song "My Chick Bad" remix.

It was reported that Minaj decided to take an extended break from social media so that she could totally focus on the completetion of the album. Regardless of the speculations of what the "4" tweet meant it is safe to safe that it obviously means that she is coming & most likely a lot sooner then we all think. 

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