Monday, April 2, 2018


Fresh off his collaboration with Chris Brown on “Stranger Things” rapper Joyner Lucas is back with a powerful message that will leave you speechless & thinking with compassion. Lucas releases the music video for his song “Frozen”, a cinematic visual directed by Ben Proulx. 

Check it out after the jump.

The movie styled video tells many stories that all intertwine together about reckless driving. It consists of three stories, texting & driving, speeding, & driving while under the influence. 

“No more kisses from my daddy ’cause I left and died,” he goes onto raps from the perspective of a young child. “All because this stupid bitch wanted to text and drive.” he then recited the rhymes that depicts the story of a pregnant passenger’s fatal experience. “No more baby in my belly, sad to say we died,” he raps. “All because you choose to drink and drive.”

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