Friday, April 13, 2018


Some time ago Young Thug announced that he would be taking a year long break from music in support of his brother who is deaf. In early March he unfolded news that he would be releasing a collaboration with himself & Nicki Minaj, but never revealed a release date. On the same day that Minaj returned to the music scene he has finally delivered his track with Barbie called “Anybody”. 

Listen below.

Young Thug who now goes by the name SEX has unveiled the new EP Hear No Evil. The projects title was inspired by his brother who is deaf & is featured on the cover of the EP. The project only has three tracks, but it's the Nicki Minaj assisted record "Anybody" that will surely cause a frenzy. The song comes with a music video that shows a young man doing sign language to the songs lyrics.

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