Wednesday, February 14, 2018


For over a month know Nicki Minaj’s loyal fans have been very worried ever since she disappeared from social media as many thought that she was missing. Reluctantly the chart queen has been found in the studio putting the final touches on her new album. 

More details after the cut.

As reported by TMZ, Ms. Minaj decided to take a break from social media to put her total focus on finishing her album without distraction. 

“Sources close to Nicki tell us … she decided to ditch social media at the end of 2017 to fully focus on her music, which is why she’s had no new posts since December 30. We’re told she feels way more creative without the distractions of Instagram and Twitter.
Our sources say Minaj has been working night and day in the studio with major producers and rappers like Lil’ WayneMack Maine and other Young Money acts … and she’s going to continue to leave social media alone until the album’s complete.” via TMZ
As of yet no release date has surfaced on when the new album will be available, but I am more than sure that Nicki will bring the heat & it’ll all have been worth the wait. Hopefully sooner than later fans will get a leading single from the album to officially kick off the new era of Minaj. 

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