Friday, February 9, 2018


Virgil Wilson has been in the celebrity entertainment industry for over 10 years & is the owner/lead writer of the entertainment website Raw Hollywood. Almost two years ago he let the world take a looking into his life with the documentary Behind The Dream: Trial & Triumph that highlighted the highs & lows of his life growing up & in Hollywood. Role on 2018 & he is venturing into the beauty industry. 

More details below.

Today it was announced that Virgil will be releasing a cosmetics brand that he has been working on for sometime now. He took to his Facebook account to make the official announcement where he credited YouTube beauty influencer Jackie Aina as his biggest inspiration. He announced that the brand is called Opulent Beauty Cosmetics By: Virgil Wilson. 

Virgil has now gone onto further explain Jackie’s influence on him in creating a beauty brand that has a strong meaning behind it. 

“I’ve always enjoyed makeup. When I first began to get back into makeup & wearing it I came according Jackie Aina on YouTube & instantly took a liking to her personality & entertaining content. She always let her viewers know how important it is for beauty companies to be all inclusive when it comes to providing products that all people could wear especially people of color. When I began putting together my line my #1 priority was to have foundation shades that catered to people of color to make sure they knew that they were not forgotten. If it wasn’t for Jackie my focus probably wouldn’t have been that or even to start my very own line. “

Opulent Beauty Cosmetics will be officially launching sometime in the Spring & will begin with its first products being foundation & concealers. 

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