Saturday, December 30, 2017


It’s no secret that singer/actress Brandy has been going through a very public battle with her label Chameleon Entertainment & it’s owner Breyon Prescott. After they signed the deal with RCA for distribution they later released Brandy’s album Two Eleven in 2012. Issues began to surface when it came time to release a follow-up album & Brandy didn’t receive funding in the same manner that she did the first time around. 

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According to Brandy the label completely bailed on funding for the album & felt pressured by the label to focus on ventures that did not include music like Broadway in order to recoup on the 360 deal agreement. She ended up suing the company to be released from her contract & wanted to gain money owed to her that was promised per the contractual agreement. 

Chameleon Entertainment denied the allegations & said she was only seeking media attention. The label counter-sued the singer because she released music without their permission in 2016 with the record “Beggin & Pleadin” & demanded she immediately stop selling the song. They said that all music that she would release was owned by them & wanted her case dismissed. 

Fast forward to the present, it looks like Brandy is finally getting her wish & will become free of the contract that she has desperately been wanting to get out of. Both The singer & Chameleon Entertainment have come to an agreement in the battle for her to be able to release new music. Once a judge signs off on the mutual agreement it will see her initial lawsuit & counter-suit be dismissed. 

Hopefully the issues will become finalized sooner than later so that in 2018 fans can get a brand new album from Brandy. Given the face that it has been some time since Two Eleven was released she already has some incredible music just waiting to be heard.

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