Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Have you gotten a chance to check out Bow Wow and Soulja Boy's newest joint album? If so, what do you think so far? These two were definitely an unlikely link up, especially considering that they had some type of "beef" at a point, which has clearly been squashed. The duo decided to release the video for "Fucking Up a Check" and yes it involves some heavy stunting.

This video for "Fucking Up a Check" features everything that you need to break bank, starting with the money of course. Bow and Soulja can be found in the video throwing all types of money throughout the house and on different beautiful women. Now when I think about f*cking up a check, I think of more so on the lines of going out somewhere and blowing money, like on shopping or partying. However, this video shows them blowing money a different way. The two also chose to show off all of their iced out jewels to let you know that there is no shortage their way. Overall, it just looks like they were having fun and enjoying their rich lives.

Must be nice to be able to f*ck up a check..... I can't wait until I get there! While we work on bossing our lives up, check out "Fucking Up a Check" video below and watch Shad and Dre enjoying theirs.


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